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The Spa' tique

Single Mom

Hello From Nancy! 

As the founder of RegenLIFE, our goal is to inspire others to THRIVE within their own skin at any age!  As a mom, entrepreneur and

multi-certified anti-aging & fitness expert for over 30 years, I have coached, trained and mentored thousands of people around the world, from youth to the elderly and from all walks of life. Through my 30 years of experience developing wellness programs & working with my RegenLIFE team, I have helped others achieve personal, physical, spiritual and professional success around their busy lives. Coined as a passionate encourager, I truly believe it is my life mission and purpose to embody whole-hearted wellness and share it with YOU .

Now that I am "in my 50's", I can honestly say, coaching individuals from a global platform has been the most rewarding experience of my life; second only to raising my 4 FANTASTIC children, Jaynee, Jack, Jace and Kylee! I look forward to speaking with you personally, and connecting on one of our platforms.

RegenLIFE Anti-Aging Spa-tique & Medspa invites you to “Live a Long Life Young” through several modalities including:  Tissue Therapy, Peptides & Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, Body Sculpting, Non-Invasive Face/Body Lifts, Muscle SculptFit+RF, Cellulite Blaster, HIFU, RF Skin Tightening, Detox Lymphatic Vibration, Custom Nutrition & Fitness Plans,  Skincare,

RAWC-Real Authentic Women Connect Podcasts & Retreats and Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Coaching & workouts".  

Interested in opening your own Spa'tique?  Contact Nancy for more information at and please follow me on Facebook and Instagram @NancyAnderbergCoach 

Blessings to You and Yours~

Nancy Anderberg & The RegenLIFE AntiAging Team

Ask us about our  Signature "Inside-Out" Transformation & don't forget to follow us on social media @theantiagingspa

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Our Signature

At RegenLIFE Spa'tique, we curated a fully comprehensive signature package to offer our clients embarking on their wellness and anti-aging journey. We encourage clients to start at any age as we facilitate a transformation from the inside out.

This Signature Special is a great solution for those getting ready for an event (wedding, reunion, milestone birthday, etc.) as well as for those looking for a youthful rejuvenation

Our Signature Antiaging Package includes:

  • 6 month transformation engagement

  • 9 treatments (3 appointments treating 3 areas each)

  • Custom fitness and workout plan

  • Custom nutrition plan and recipes

  • Custom supplements packages

  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching throughout

  • Invitation to the private Facebook group (education, support, and more)

Image by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho
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