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PolyRegen BioSciences and Regenerative Care

PolyRegen Biosciences is a biotechnology company dedicated to the development of a new generation of science-based products and services for health, wellness and aging. The intent is to create an interplay between personalized genetics driven regenerative care and cutting-edge products derived from molecular biosciences.

Science based research is proving non-invasive Regenerative Care can be transformational to healthcare and total wellness. These next generation procedures are assisting clinical practices, pain clinics and medspas due to the significant advances in biomedical science. The current allograft products are science based and derived from natural sources and focus on minimally invasive applications.

Regenerative care may contribute effectively to the actual repair and improved function of damaged tissue rather than the traditional care that superficially manages only the symptoms after diagnosis. Regenerative Care assists in the amelioration of symptomology by restoring function to damaged tissues and cells as a result of past injuries, chronic conditions, degenerative diseases, and more.

The human body was created with various processes supported by human-specific factors for self-care, repair and regeneration to ensure fitness and survival. These innately self-care systems show a vastly superior fit and functionality in comparison to their man-made bio-mimicry counterparts having several advantages, including no adverse effects. Fundamentally, the body knows itself best. Therefore, we seek to harness the inherent capabilities of the human body’s self-healing factors to support healing and self-regeneration.

The foundation of the PolyRegen is a rigorous science-based approach to product development. "We seek to educate the medical community to the benefits of perinatal tissue, which is naturally endowed with the capabilities to support immune modulation and tissue and cell regeneration. PolyRegen is properly registered with the FDA and our laboratory is registered with the FDA. All of PolyRegen’s allograft products are processed and distributed in compliance with the FDA regulations 21 CFR 1271 Section 361 and AATB standards with end-user safety as our principal focus.

PolyRegen recognizes that Regenerative Care presents hope to patients who suffer from diseases or injuries. Regenerative Care is expected to play a pivotal role in today’s healthcare marketplace. PolyRegen aims to building and maintaining relationships with clinicians and to support the medical community’s pursuit of developing customized Regenerative Care options for their patients dealing with typical chronic conditions.

We ultimately intend to personalize health care by identifying and employing genetic markers that are unique to each individual’s genetic profile. This will reduce guesswork and its often-dangerous consequences. Significant success has been realized using this patient-centric genetic based customization of (for example): (1) drug prescription and dosing resulting in fewer adverse effects and morbidities, and (2) nutrition and physical exercises resulting in sustainable weight management."

In our pursuit of supporting the healthcare marketplace, PolyRegen intends to continuously share cutting-edge studies and research results pertaining to innovative approaches in the Regenerative Care space as well as providing allograft suspensions and amniotic membrane patches to clinicians worldwide for homologous applications.

Contact Regenlife AntiAging for more information 952-447-7777

Nancy Anderberg, CEO


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