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Non-invasive face & body treatments, wellness programs and customized  coaching for each of our clients. Schedule your complimentary consultation today to learn more about our antiaging solutions.

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Schedule your complimentary consultation today to learn more about our individualized body sculpting,

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What is Body & Face Sculpting?

Who is a good candidate?

What  techniques are used?

Body Sculpting is now one of the quickest, safest and most popular ways to tone up, get rid of excess fat & tighten skin. Body Sculpting is a way to reshape those stubborn body parts with incredible ease without downtime.

The best candidate for Body Sculpting is near to a healthy weight, not more than 40 lbs to lose.  You do not have any serious health concerns or underlying health issues. You are a non-smoker.


*If you do have more weight  to lose, we can assist you successfully.

Non-invasive Body Sculpting uses different techniques to destroy fat cells so the cell can’t store fat again, while simultaneously tightening the skin.

We will help you select the method that is best suited for your body. 


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