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What is Body Contouring?

Body Sculpting is an incredible option for those wanting to get the body they’ve been dreaming of but who don’t want to go under the knife. There are so many non-invasive body contouring options available in the DC area, how do you decide which one is right for you? We are going to bring them all together for you here and give you the info you need to make your research and decision easier. So, if you’re looking for body sculpting in Washington DC or Northern VA, read on!

Currently there are 5 FDA approved methods of non-invasive body contouring and fat reduction – Cryolipolysis, High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy (HIFEM,) Laser, Radiofrequency and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU.)

We’ll dive into each method plus some of the more popular devices utilizing those methods.

One of our favorites is our Msculpt+rf using


HIFEM stands for high intensity focused electromagnetic energy. Unlike other non-invasive fat reduction methods, this method also helps increase muscle thickness, strength and tone.

EmSculpt is the most well-known device utilizing this method. EmSculpt Neo also utilizes HIFEM technology in combination with radiofrequency and will be discussed later. (We're saving the best for last!)

Utilizing electromagnetic energy, HIFEM body contouring methods stimulate supramaximal muscle contractions of approximately 20, 000 pulses within one 30-min session. The mechanism behind the resulting fat cell destruction is incompletely understood; however, current data suggest that the muscle contractions trigger intensive lipolysis with subsequent fat cell death. In addition, the stress of rapid muscle fiber contractions leads to compensatory muscle thickening. Studies demonstrate a gradual increase in muscle thickness and strength over the course of 6 months. Another unique benefit of HIFEM body contouring is a reduction in the distance between the large abdominal muscles. This was observed in 91% of patients regardless of whether diastasis recti (the separation that sometimes occurs with pregnancy) was clinically present. Mild muscle soreness is the only side effect noted in a minority of patients. Four 30-min sessions spaced over the course of 2 weeks are required. Following this, one treatment every 3–6 months is recommended to maintain results.



Like laser, radiofrequency heats fat cells to a temperature high enough to cause their self-destruction and subsequent elimination by the body’s natural processes.  Additionally, radiofrequency causes stimulation of fibroblasts, which fuels gradual growth of new collagen and elastic fibers and results in skin rejuvenation.

Patients may experience mild heat-related pain during treatment. After treatment, most patients will experience mild skin redness and swelling that typically resolves within 24 h.


is the newest non-invasive body contouring and fat reduction method available and combines both HIFEM and radiofrequency to achieve even more fat reduction than any other method and can also cause a skin-tightening effect due to the stimulatory effects that radiofrequency has on fibroblasts to lay down collagen. There is no pain or side effects from this treatment


Utilizing ultrasound energy waves, fat cell membranes are ruptured and broken down without damaging surrounding tissue. When fat cells walls are destroyed, fat is released in the form of triglycerides. Your liver processes triglycerides and removes them from your body. 

While some devices like Ultrashape have no significant side effects, other ultrasound devices like Liposonix can cause swelling and bruising that lasts up to 2 weeks. 

Our HIFU machine has no downtime.


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